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Expand your wealth, invest beyond borders.

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Don’t let your ambitions stop at the border. We are building global partnerships with established builders and property developers across southern Europe and Africa, the growth potential is huge.

Think Global

We can expose you to valuable investment opportunities in Portugal, Spain, Greece and South Africa, helping you to establish and expand an international property portfolio.

Consider the multiple benefits:

  • Geographic diversification of your asset portfolio
  • Build high-net-worth lifestyle assets for retirement
  • Secure a Golden Visa for the Schengen area

Ask us about the opportunities a Golden Visa offers, including residency in the country where you make the property purchase.  As resident, you can move around the 26-country European bloc which acts as a single jurisdiction – without visas, passports or borders.

If you have European roots, it’s a great way to establish an enduring connection with your family’s country of origin.  You can make a sound property investment in a stable economic and currency environment.

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